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PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles, and nowadays, hardly anyone doesn’t know about the PlayStation as it has gained huge popularity in the field of gaming. PS has its own games, which can only be made for its console. One of the reasons for its demand amongst people is that PS provides a very realistic touch in its game, the sound quality feels like a real touch while playing the game.

But as time passed, an Android smartphone came, which is not just a phone; you can also play high-graphic games on it in the operating system format. But the sad part of being a PS lover is that you can’t play the PS game on your smartphone. To resolve this, some emulators have been made that are capable of playing your favorite PS game on your smartphone.

As we know, everyone can’t afford the PlayStation, so emulators are made for both PCs and smartphones too.

What is Duckstation

It is an emulator that emulates the PSX/PS1 game for you. For those who don’t know about the emulator, let me tell you In brief, the emulator is software that is designed and programmed to run your favorite PS game on non-PS console devices, such as a PC or smartphone. As your computers or smartphones are not capable of running PS games in them, this software is made to play PS games on your respective devices. A BIOS file is also needed to setup this emulator and make your device run smoothly.

This emulator gives you 20 different settings to adjust, enable, or disable. The default configuration supports maximum games, and all the games will look the same as on the Sony console, but you can use the additional features given in the emulator for better performance and experiences. It is the most accurate simulation of the PlayStation console for maintaining performance.

Duckstation for android apk

After their launch for computers, these emulators were made for Android users too. The same key-layout you will find on this console. The android apk was introduced by seeing that people gradually shifted to smartphones, and the android had its own HD gaming, which is so interesting to play, but PS lovers had to depend upon either a console or a PC, and that’s why the android apk made for this emulator. A number of PS game can be played on your phones with great graphics quality.


Likewise, the other emulators, Duckstaion, had their own BIOS files. BIOS is a very important part of any emulator. It will modify some of the settings of your device to make the PS game comfortable to run because our devices are not made to play the PS game on them, and to modify the settings and give instructions, BIOS file is needed to run the game effectively.

Duckstation games download

After the setup of the emulator, without any disturbance you can enjoy your favorite games. Very low specification needed to run this emulator. So you don’t need to buy a high-spec smartphone to play the games. Now talking about the PS game, it supports a number of PS games. Very few games are stuck in this emulator, and if we look at the percentage, 99% of the games will be supported in this emulator, so you don’t need to panic.

Some popular game lists are given below:-

  • GTA 2
  • COD
  • Uncharted God of War
  • The Walking Dead
  • Tekken 3
  • Metal Slug X
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Need for speed 3: hot pursuit

Additional features

Accuracy: low-level accuracy to maximize authenticity.

Compatibility: Play games from the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and even the PSP.

Controllers: Support for multiple controller types, including keyboard and gamepad.

Customizable Controls: Configure controls.

UI: customizable user interface.

High Performance: Fast emulation speeds.

Network Play: Can be played online with friends.

ROMs: compatibility with a wide range of PlayStation games.

Audio: crystal clear with other effects.

  • Save States: Quickly save, resume, and load game states.
  • Shaders: Various kinds of post-processing shaders.
  • Recording: Record gameplay in high-quality video.

Duckstation Features

It is a fully loaded emulator. The default setting will give you a professional gaming experience, but there are also many additional features provided for more comfort. After the launch of this emulator, the maker added many features to upgrade it. It has an on-screen layout controller just like the console, but you can also customize the layout according to your choice. However, the easiest way to connect a gamepad. In short, you can connect multiple controllers to play the game with your buddies.

  • Widescreen rendering in supported games (no stretching!)
  • Support multitap controllers (up to 8 devices).
  • Integrated and remote debugging.
  • 60 fps in PAL games were supported
  • Upscaling, texture filtering, and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers.
  • PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation.
  • Adaptive downsampling filter.
  • Post-processing shader chains (GLSL and experimental Reshade FX).
  • “Fast boot” for skipping BIOS splash/intro.
  • Windows and iOS support.
  • Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, MAME CHD, single-track ECM, MDS/MDF, and unencrypted PBP formats.
  • Direct loading of Portable Sound Format (PSF) files.
  • Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host).
  • Namco GunCon lightgun support (simulated with mouse).
  • Built in patch code database
  • Support Qt and “Big Picture” UI.
  • Automatic updates with preview and latest channels.
  • Automatic content scanning—game titles and hashes—is provided by
  • Optional automatic switching of memory cards for each game.
  • Memory card editor and save importer.
  • Emulated CPU overclocking.
  • RetroAchievements in supported games
  • Automatic loading and application of PPF patches.
  • Direct booting of the homebrew executable.
  • CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64, armv7/AArch32, AArch64, RISC-V/RV64).

System requirements for Duckstation


  • 4 GB RAM with dedicated graphics card
  • Minimum 2.0GHz clock speed processor, with Multi-core support
  • A graphic card with OpenGL 3.3 or higher and DirectX 11 Support


  • Android 5.1 or higher required
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1.5 GHz processor

How to Download Duckstation

You don’t need to explore anywhere if you are on our website. The download link for the emulator and its BIOS is given on this website; you just need to explore and you will find the link. After downloading, you have to install and set up the emulator. The setup process is a bit long so we guided below please follow to setup in your smartphone.

Install Duckstation apk

1. Install the apk file which you have downloaded

2. In some cases, you have been asked to enable ’Unknown Resource’. Just enable it, and you will continue the installation process.

3. After installation, follow the instructions given on the screen.

The installation is complete but the emulator is not yet ready to run the game without importing the BIOS in it. Follow the instruction given below

Import Duckstation BIOS in Android

  1. Extract the BIOS file first.
  2. After the extract, open the emulator and press the three-line menu on the top left corner of screen.
  3. Go to app settings. You will see many settings Just slide right for BIOS option and click on BIOS
  4. Press the + icon and import the extracted file in the app

How to load game on Duckstaion apk

1. Download the game rom of the PS game and extract the file.

2. Go to the emulator and select “add game directory.”

3. Import the file which you have extracted.


Duckstation is an essential application to run the PS game on a non-console device. This application is made for your PC as well as for your smartphones too. Much customization settings has been given in the emulator. So you never feel that you are compromising something because you not play it on the console. Move to the graphics; it supports a 60fps frame rate, so the gaming experience will be very high. You can split the screen to play with your friends.


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