Latest Versionv1.5-4248
RequirementsAndroid 5 +
LanguageEnglish, Japanese and more

Before discussing the game directory, first we should know about Aethersx2 , its properties, etc. First, we learn about the emulator, then the process of setting up the emulator, and then we learn about adding the game to the emulator. So since the early 20th century, the gaming industry has grown very quickly, and it boosted when everyone could afford to get a smartphone. Many popular games are being played today on smartphones. But when there were no smartphones, games came with their own setup. It can play with the gaming console.

These consoles were generally made by Sony and named PlayStation. And day by day the consoles are upgraded by the developer. Most advanced and popular games are made like GTA, COD, God of War, etc., and when the smartphone came into everyone’s hand then they used to play the games on the smartphones because Android provided a good quality of game, but there is a problem that PS lovers can’t play the games on the phone, as PS games are only available for the console. That’s why these emulators have been introduced.

Aethersx2 Apk

Not everyone can afford the PlayStation console, and it is also not portable like a smartphone. That’s why the emulators have been made. This emulator is made for smartphones, where you can play your favorite PS 2 game on the phone. It is going to convert your normal phones into gaming consoles. It can run your PS game so efficiently, and the on-screen controller is similar to the PS controller, so you get the same feeling as the PS. Many customizable features have been added to this emulator; you can adjust the settings of each game. External wired or wireless controllers are supported in this emulator, so you don’t need to compromise on the experience.

PS emulator for android

Playing the PS game on the Android is not easy; you have to make some changes on the smartphone so that it can run the PS game. The emulator is made to run your PS game on your smartphone easily. Only you had to download the apk of the emulator and its BIOS file, and you just needed to setup the emulator.


Adjustable rendering modes

Touchscreen and Bluetooth controller

It comes with OpenGL and Vulkan

Friendly interface


Play the game up to 1080p and beyond.

Gameplay without lagging


It is very safe to use.

compatible games for Aethesx2

This emulator was made to allow you to enjoy your favorite PS game on your smartphone. It is the most portable way to run the PS console game on a smartphone. Some of the users may think that if this emulator allows us to play the PS game, then it has some limitations because it plays the console game on non-console devices, but that is not true, You don’t have any limitations; it is just covering your regular smartphone with a portable gaming console. It has all the features, like the ability to attach an external controller to feel like a console gaming experience. Also,  the on-screen controller has the same interface as the PS controller. This emulator supports the maximum number of PS games, but less than 1% are working on it.


Talking about the requirements of the emulator, it is a very handy emulator. If you think that this emulator requires a high-spec smartphone to run the PS game, then you are wrong. This emulator is very compatible with low-spec phones; to run this emulator effectively, you should have at least a Snapdragon 845 or greater. If you have lower processor, then you can’t enable multi-threaded VU, which leads to a decrease in performance.


1.  Snapdragon 845 or more.

2. Android 5 or more.

3. 2 GB of RAM or more.

Download Aethersx2 apk

There are a lot of websites that offer to download this apk, but you should only go through the trusted and official website because the unofficial and unauthorized site had a corrupted file or some of them had malware in it.

How to install the Aethersx2 apk

  • Download the apk and extract it.
  • Now install it. In some cases, you need to enable “Unknown Resource.” Just give the permission.
  • After a while, your emulator will be installed.

How to import BIOS on Aethesx2

Download AetherSX2 Bios For Android Apk

After the installation of the emulator, it is time to import the BIOS file into it. The BIOS file is very important for the emulator; without the BIOS, the emulator can’t work properly.

  • Download and extract the BIOS file
  • Open the emulator, click on the menu, open settings, and click on import bios.
  • Click on pulse icon, and import the extracted BIOS file.

What is Aethersx2 game directory?

After the installation and setup of the emulator, you have to add the game to the emulator because this emulator doesn’t have any pre-download games in it. So game directory is the option in the emulator form where you can add the PS game.

How to play game on Aethersx2 emulator

As the emulator does not come with a pre-installed game, you need to add the PS game to it. Many of the websites are providing the PS game rom; just go through them. As the PS games are made for the console, they only come on CDs, and the game rom is the digital version of the PS games. You can easily find the game rom by just downloading it and extracting it. Now open the emulator, and you will be asked to add a game directory. Just click on the option and add the extracted game to it.

Tips to improve performance

  • Enable the Preload Texture and GPU Palette Conversion option in the graphic setting to improve the performance for some games.
  • If you have a very low-spec phone, then you should disable Multi-Threaded VU1 in the system settings, as it works only with Snapdragon 845 or above.
  • Enable Fastmen in the system settings.
  • Use the Vulkan renderer
  • Underclock the emulated CPU by setting the cycle rate to a negative number.
  • If you facing bad quality of visuals, then Reduce blending accuracy from the settings
  • Using the affinity control can improve the performance of some devices.
  • It supports resolution upscaling; you can upscale the resolution from 1x to 8x. But this will not work in every game.
  • Developer suggest that those with slower phone try the underclocking the emulated console’s CPU, you can manage it form the emulator settings.

Note: if applying any setting cause lagging in performance then reset the settings.


It is a premium-featured emulator without a fee. You can play the maximum number of PS 2 games in this emulator. It supports the maximum number of games; only very few games are working properly on this emulator, but the numbers are very few, so you don’t need to panic. This emulator has paid features, and you can manage the settings of each game according to your preferences. The onscreen controller had the PS controller interface, and you could manage the controller size and positions. And the graphic quality is very upgraded from the previous version.


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