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Xbox is a gaming platform where you can play high-definition games. It was launched on 2001. Xbox is popularly known for its high-graphic gaming experience. Xbox was available for the PC as well, and it had its own console. it was made for the PC too. Minecraft, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and EA Sports FC 24 are some popular games on the Xbox.

What is Aethersx2 For UWP

It is a gaming emulator made to emulate the PlayStation game. As we know about the PS console, it is the most popular gaming console that was only made for its console. And this limitation affects other people who don’t have the PS console but like the game. So the emulator has been introduced so that people can play there PS games on non-console devices.

This emulator will help you play your classic PS 2 game on your iOS, Android, Bios Apk, Mac, PC, Linux, and Xbox. This emulator allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted game without any disturbance and with 4K resolution. It supports the external controller, so you will have the same gaming experience as the PS console.


It is not a high-spec device; you can use it on medium-range devices.

HD visuals

No lagging

No ads

AetherSX2 Xbox Features

Adjustable controls

Gameplay without lagging

Save states

Upscale up to 1080p / Highly optimized

Supports Disc image formats: ISO, CHD and CSO

Rendering modes / OpenGL, Vulkan and soft. rendering.

Widescreen mode is available

Wired and wireless controller are supported.

Adjustable resolution

AetherSX2 For UWP (Xbox)

This emulator is also made for Xbox users. Just like other operating systems like iOS , Android, you can use this emulator on Xbox too. The Xbox also has its own game, which can only run on the Xbox. But you can also play your favorite PS game on the xbox. Only you need to set up this emulator on the Xbox.

What is Aethersx2 BIOS image

Well, if you are using an emulator, then the BIOS file or BIOS image is very necessary. As you are playing the PS game on the non-PS console, that’s why the emulator needs a BIOS file to run properly; it has a programmed file that modifies the PS game to run on the emulator. To run this emulator efficiently you should import it .

How to install AetherSX2 For UWP (Xbox)

  1. Please make sure that your console is in developer mode
  2. Download the appx file of Aethersx2 from trusted website
  3. Install the appx file by clicking on Add on the main page.
  4. After installation, upload the BIOS image (file)

    This emulator had no pre-installed game; just download the game rom and add it to this emulator.

Import BIOS file for Aethersx2 UWP

During the installation, it will ask you to import the BIOS file on the emulator. If you have skipped it, then open the emulator and tap Add Bios, or go to settings and click on Import Bios Image. Now you have to import the extracted bios file here, as the file that you have downloaded is in archive format, so extract it and import it.

How to add game on Aethrsx2

The emulator does not come with a pre-loaded game, so you need to add the game. You need to add the PS game rom here. The game rom is the digital form of the game file. Simply go to the internet and download the game rom, extract the file, and go to the emulator. Now you will find the option “add game dictionary.” Click on it and add the game file.


Some new users may doubt that playing PS games on the emulator has some limitations because we use the emulator instead of the console. But this is not true; you will feel the exact same experience as on the PS console. There are no limitations on this emulator; even many customizations and other options have been added that are not in the original console. So our recommendation is to feel free to use it; you will not be disappointed after using it.


Xbox is the greatest console of all time due to its high graphics and smooth gameplay. In this article, we discussed the emulator and how you can play the PS game on the Xbox. There are several steps to setting up the emulator, which we have discussed. There are a number of emulators on the internet, but not all are usable. Some of them require a high specified device, and some of them support very limited games. We have tested several emulators and found the Aethesx2 to be the best for its compatibility and performance.


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