The game love is all aware about the PlayStation console. This is the revolutionary invention which put the gaming field in very high level. The PlayStation was came out for the public in 1994. In the beginning the game quality was very normal but as time passes it upgrade the game quality by releasing the upgraded console. The famous game like GTA, COD are the PS game. PS releases very advanced game with hd graphics, and with very clear sound. The console had the powerful processor to run the games, you will find a professional gaming experience on the PS console.

PS Emulator

PS game are very demanding console. Everyone wants to play the ps games, but not everyone can afford it. In today’s time the android games are very famous, android provide the best graphic games in the smartphone, and the best thing is that you can play anywhere you want you don’t only depend upon the console, because console does not are as not compact as the smartphone. So to solve this problem PS emulator has been made. The emulator is a type of software which programmed to run the PlayStation game in the smartphone. You can play your favorite PS games on the smartphone, you don’t need any console, you can experience the PS game in your smartphone anywhere. So in this article we will discuss about the some of the best ps2 emulators for the ios and the for mac.

Best PS2 emulator ios

There are many emulator available on the internet, but not all are capable to fulfill your need. And choosing the wrong emulator cause lagging, blackout screen while playing, and so on. But you don’t need to panic as our team has researched on the internet and shortlisted the best emulator for the ios. So in this article your will get to know the ios emulator with its properties, and you can choose one of them to play your PS games.


Lot of the iOS user are interested on the PlayStation game, but choosing the right emulator is very necessary. The iOS phones had lot of securities and not only the official emulator run on the iOS. So in our opinion NewGamepad is the best emulator for the iPhone and iPad. The NewGamepad emulator is one of the popular gaming emulator amongst the PS lovers. There is no need for the jailbreak.


Equivalent to iOS 7 or above

Equivalent or more to iPhone 6

No need to Jailbreaking iDevices.


User-friendly interface

Capable to run retro games.

You can get this emulator without any Jailbreak, and free of cost.



Ads free app

Very smooth touchscreen controls.

Play! Emulator

Play! is an another option or the iDevice users. The compact PlayStation 2 emulator which has the capacity to run the games in your phone or tab. This app gives you the crystal clear visuals in HD resolution. This app support the maximum PS 2 games so you can re-enjoy your favorite game. Only you need to download and install the app. The installation process is very simple. Only you need to download the emulator and its BIOS file. Extract both of them and install the emulator , after the successful installation import the extracted BIOS file.

After the installation it will immediately scan your device for the game, because this emulator does not had pre- installed games. Just go to the internet and download the PS game rom, and import on the emulator. The Play! offers you many customization settings like rendering, audio latency, display gameplay FPS, controller customization and much more.


On screen game controller for easy game control

External controller support

Upto 60fps gameplay

Customizable controls


Split screen & Multi-player


RetroArch is a gaming emulator offers you to play the classic ps game on your device. This emulator had very friendly interface. You can enjoy the games like GTA, COD, Resident Evil, God of war etc. The on screen controls are much similar to the console controller but we suggest you to use the external gamepad to experience the real gaming experience. The app capbable to provide you hd visuals and perfect audio output. Latest features like video recording, audio customization, audio adjustable settings and more are in this emulator.


No ads

Save States

Changeable size and position of the onscreen controls


Input remapping

Multiple language

Multiplayer gaming

Updatable app


Download PPSSPPGold .app – emulator offers you to enjoy the classic PS game in multiplatform like ios, window, mac, Linux. This emulator is known for its wide range of compatibility. The updated version has bring the lot of premium features. The graphic, sound quality has been enhanced. The useful features like save states and customizable layouts can be seen on this app.


ultra HD graphics

No popup ads

Multiplayer supports

Resume game

Multiple language

Enhanced audio performance

Happy Chick

One of the trusted gaming emulator on the internet, which brings your classic PS game in your hand. Numbers of game can be played on this emulator. Happy click allow you to save and resume the game where you have left. The interface of the emulator is very friendly , which will help for the user who never used this emulator. The simple design allow you to access quickly to your game library. It comes with multiplayer support , by which you can easily enjoy the game with your buddies. This emulator are made for the android as well as for ios user too.


Save and resume function

Customizable the virtual controls

Multiplayer supports

Very simple interface

Supports maximum games

Provide regular updates

Stable performance

Tips for optimization

Keep sufficient space on the device

Close the background app while using the emulator

Keep regular updating for better performance

Adjust settings like frame rate , resolution according to your device capacity

Best PS2 emulator mac

In above, we have shared the top 5 emulator for the iOS . Now its time for the mac as variety of emulator present in the internet. Only you have to choose the right emulator for your mac. The emulator are firstly made for the windows, androids, but after the popularity of the iOS and mac. Numbers of the emulators are available for the mac. We have shortlisted some of the emulator which are compatible which required very least specification and run very smoothly.

PCSX2 for Mac

If you had the basic specified Mac, then Download ps2-bios .net – one of the good choice. Lot of emulator are available but not all are capable to provide you best experience. Well this emulator will fulfill your all need which a decent emulator should have. PCSX2 give you the excellent graphics with attractive features. Only you need to download it on the official or a trusted website.


High-graphic games

Wired/wireless joystick

Allow you 4k games

Customizable controls



Offers high compatibility and give you high accuracy

Safe to use


One of the popular emulator amongst the mac user. This emulator works on almost all mac device. This application allows user to play the PS 2 game on the pc using the ROM files copied from the original game. This is the very compatible emulator, every emulator requires and additional file called BIOS but you can use NeutrinoSX2 without any BIOS file.


High graphic

Up to 60fps gameplay


Accessible almost all PS 2 games

Each game customization

Aethersx2 for mac

It is the one of the most downloaded emulator amongst the other. This application convert your mac pc to a PS console. This emulator is fully loaded with premium features. The updated version had removed the ads on it which was so annoying. The key control is very simple and also external gamepad can be attached to experience the professional gaming experience. Only you need to download the software and its BIOS file. Just install and import the BIOS file and then download the game ROM and add to this emulator because pre loaded game are not in the emulator.


Realistic touch

Extremely optimized

Upscale up to 1080p or above

Save states

Customizable rendering modes

Support wireless controller

Supports OpenGL, Vulkan

Safe to use


So we have discussed the top emulators of the ios and the mac. We have tested each emulator. The following emulator are compatible with your respective device. The legendry games like COD, need for speed, GTA can be played on the given emulator so, you should try out.


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