Having a PlayStation is still a dream of many game lovers, as it provides a bundle of games. PlayStation gives you a realistic experience while playing the games. But the PlayStation console, as it is a little bit expensive. But not to worry; to solve this problem, we are here. We can give you an alternative for PlayStation. Yes, we are talking about the Aethersx2 emulator, which will help you play your PS2 games on your smartphones.

This emulator is one of the most popular choices among video game players in today’s time. This is the right choice for you, It supports your favorite PlayStation games like Nintendo, Boy Advance, etc.

Download AetherSX2 Emulator

The makers put much effort into developing this emulator. This software is actually a well-established and long-running emulator that lets you enjoy your games without any trouble. We can say that this is the most portable emulator that allows you to run your Legendry game anywhere at this time. With all its updates, it enables users to enjoy enhanced sound and speed.

Best aethersx2 games

It is a very compatible emulator for PS2 games. You can enjoy a number of video games here. Even it ran too smoothly with only 2 GM RAM-capacity phones. A 2 GHz processor is enough for it and requires at least the Android 4.4 version. So, we can conclude that you can enjoy the game in a better way even with low-spec phones. The makers of this emulator got confirmation to use the PCSX2 code from the developer of PlayStation, and it is licensed under the LGPL license, so don’t hesitate to use it as it is fully legal to use.

Now we would like you to discuss some very popular games on PlayStation with their download links.

1. God of War bios

One of the most popular games on the PS console. It was released in April 2018; when it came to market, it was not free, but the hype of the game was very high. Even though it was not free, game lovers were just spending there pocket money to buy and play the game. The God of War is themed around a brief story. Well, Kratos is a god, and Atreus is his son. Krantos is a very brave fighter, and he wants Atreus to be the same to save there kingdom from the enemy. The main villain is Ares, who killed the Kratos family.

2. God of War II

The previous version of God of War gained much appreciation for this game. This had become one of the favorites among the games, so the developer decided to launch its second version, which included the same theme but had much more added, the graphics improved, and much more. So you should download the game to experience the same.

3. Resident Evil 4

It is a mission-type game. In this game, you play the character of Leon S. Kennedy, who is the main player. He was sent on a secret mission to save the president’s daughter, who is stuck in a regular village in Spain. You can find much trilling screen while playing the game. And if you like horror things, this is the one you all need. You should try it. The download link is below.

3. Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 3

This game has lightning-fast fighting against the opponent. This game is full of action, which takes the game to a new level. There are a lot of changes done in the third version of Dragon Ball Z, like you can access more than 150 characters in this game, and each character has a unique technique to fight. It also includes 20 different battle stages, so you should explore this game.

4. Downhill Domination

Downhill Domination is a racing video game. Developed by Santa Monica Studio. It was released in North America in 2003. It is a multiplayer game, so you can enjoy it along with your buddies at the same time. As indicated by the name, the game starts with a hilly area, which makes the game so attractive. The commentary while playing the game is so realistic; it gives the game a realistic touch.

5. Call of Duty 3

It is a first-person shooter-pov game. Call of Duty 3 was released on November 7, 2006, after the great success of its previous versions. There are several missions that you have been given to complete; this mission occurred during World War II in the game. It is the major installment in the Call of Duty series. It had more of the cinematic, heart-pounding action that the fans have come to love from the series. Very few games are available to complete the furious firefight and genuine sense of battle in the games.

6. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III, which is popularly known as GTA III,. It was released in 2001, developed by DMA Design, and published by Rockstar Games. A bundle of appreciation is gained by the public as it provides you with a real-life experience in the game. All you can do is what you do in real life in the game. There is much more in this game to know, so in my recommendation, you should definitely play this game.

7. Need for Speed – Underground

A racing game, which is the seventh installment of Need for Speed: Underground,. Made by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. A lightning-fast racing game , with an amazing sound effect. Having several stages, including different experiences. A car lover is definitely going to love this game. This version provides several features such as some more customization and more sports cars.

aethersx2 compatible games

Providing you to re-experience games from the past generation, or on current. But how do you know which emulator has all the capacity to provide customization and features like a gaming console? Well, for this, you can trust this emulator, as it never disappoints you. It has all the A-Z features of the PlayStation; even so, you’ll get something more, which is portability as you can play it on your phones. So to check out the strength of this emulator, you should download your favorite games to play in this emulator. I can definitely tell you will not uninstall it.

And if we talk about the compatibility of this game, then you should know that this emulator supports a number of PS games. You can emulate the popular games over here with no disturbance. It supports maximum number of games on the PS. So we shared the list of the games that you should try once:

Devil May Cry

  • Smuggler’s Run
  • Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  • Oni
  • Kingdom Hearts …
  • God of War II
  • God of War
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  • Downhill Domination
  • Call Of Duty 3
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Need For Speed – Underground

aethersx2 games download for android

It is very easy to use, and you will get a satisfying experience by using this emulator. It’s going to turn your simple Android phone into a convenient portable gamepad. The layout of the key controls is similar to that of the PlayStation. Aethersx2 offers unique features and customization, which attracts people. The emulator improved graphics quality, FPS, resolution, and much more than in its previous updates.

Some games download link is in this page please explore them.

aethersx2 games rom

To enjoy uninterrupted games in this emulator, you have to download the game rom of your desired PlayStation game. Hundreds of games are supported by this emulator, and for each game, their is a lot of customization. ROMs are the digital form of the game software. The developer of this emulator keeps updating it, which helps users play there classic games in a more efficient way without a PS console. All you need is a emulator, BIOS file, and the game roms. That’s it, and you’re ready to turn your smartphone into a gaming console.

You can download the game roms without any cost on the internet; we have also shared some of them with a download link, so explore them.

What are the requirements ?

A common question asked by people about this emulator’s requirements. Well, we will clear up this question now. Like the rest of the emulator, it is very handy. It doesn’t need a well-specified device to run. you need to download some files to run the game over this emulator, because the game that you are going to play is a PS game, and to simulate it on your device, you need some applications and files to make it compatible.

The Aethesx2 is available for PC, Android and iOS too , so let’s discuss the least requirements for each handler to run this emulator:-

  • PC (Windows)
  • 1. Minimum 2 GB RAM or more
  • 2. Windows 7 or upgraded windows.
  • 3. 2 GHz processor or more.
  • iOS
  • 1. iOS 9.0 or later
  • 2. 2 GB RAM
  • 3. 2 GHz processor or more.
  • Android
  • 1. 2 GHz processor or more.
  • 2. Android 4.4 or more.
  • 3. 2 GB RAM or more.

The app tells me I need a BIOS.

Of course, it will ask you to import the BIOS file to the emulator on your smartphone. As you know, you are going to play PS games on your device, and to make it very smooth you need a BIOS file along with the emulator. This file allows the emulator to run smoothly because lots of settings and customizations are there in the app, and also to simulate the PS game perfectly, you need a BIOS to run the app.

We have added a BIOS file to this website. Please explore and download it.

How to improve performance?

  1. 1. Adjust the cycle rate, skip the positive number, and decrease the cycle rate to a negative number from settings.
  2. 2. Turn on preload texture
  3. 3. Enable “Fastmem” option
  4. 4. Enable the Vulkan renderer.
  5. 5. Reduce blending accuracy.

Note: If you get interrupted on the emulator after applying these settings, then reset the settings to default.


Q. I want to a different touchscreen button layout for different games?

To create a touchscreen button according to your need, you need to create input profile in the controller setting, To do so, follow the steps to create:

1. Find the controller setting on the emulator and tap Input Profile.

1. Configure the touchscreen button in the layout according to your desire.

2. Bind the configuration to the Bluetooth controller, if you desire.

3. Now, it will ask you to save the input profile. Save it.

By repeating the same steps, you can create multiple input profiles for different games.

You can apply this profile manually whenever you want to use it, but if you want to load the profile automatically for each individual game, then follow the steps:-

1. Open the game settings of the individual game you want to play with the input profile.

2. Tap “Input profile” and select the profile that you have created. Now, whenever you play a game, you will find the customized touchscreen button automatically.

Q. I want to create macro, or “combo” buttons ?

Follow to create:-

1. Go to controller settings

2. Move to the controller port you wish to make the macro for.

3. Scroll to the macro category and tap on any of the four buttons you wish to customize.

4. Choose a combination of buttons that you wish to macro-activate.

5. Tap the popup or press the back button to save the macro setup.

6. Enable the touch-screen button for macro. Controller Settings -> Add/Remove Buttons, and pick Macro 1 through 4


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